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From oils to carb and air filter cleaners, we've got some useful items to add to your order.

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MX 2-Stroke Synthetic Motor Oil

R 100.00

High Performance Fully Synthetic Motor Oil. 100 ml

Spanjaard Air Filter Oil Spray

R 150.00

A tacky formula that prevents the ingress of sand, dust and ...

Spanjaard Air Filter Spray Cleaner

R 150.00

A specially formulated biodegradable highly effective ...

Spanjaard Carburettor Cleaner

R 150.00

Spanjaard Carburettor Cleaner Specifications: Carburettor ...

Spanjaard Chain & Linkage Lube (200ml)

R 150.00

Motorcycle chains, cables, seat runners, hinges, locks, ...

Spanjaard Quick Start

R 150.00

Aerosol spray for instant starting of petrol and diesel ...

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